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Paris dining 2015

For a gourmand, being in Paris for 2 weeks is like drinking from the fountain. Where to go, so many choices. I found the blog Paris By Mouth and using that as a guide, ended up at Au Passage, Frenchie, Septime, Pierre Gagnaire, L’EPICURISTE, Restaurant ES, and LeDoyen; some old favourites like Relais de L’Entrecote; and some I must save for next time: Pages, Akrame, Astrance, L’Ambrosie.

The places span different styles and it’s interesting that two of the hardest to book places, Frenchie and Septime, are not Michelin star places, but bistro-style casual eateries, serving beautifully prepared dishes that reflect what’s seasonal and available, rather than air freighting in ingredient. Au Passage also falls into that category of tapas-style plates, but cooked with care and flair. The two 3-stars (Pierre Gagnaire and LeDoyen) didn’t disappoint with impeccable service, ambience and complex food. L’EPICURISTE was also a lovely contrast, classic French bistro dishes, but modernised just enough to have it packed for lunch with locals. But, the biggest surprise and delight was Restaurant ES. A tiny restaurant with 6 tables, a Japanese chef, cooking French food that is easily Michelin 2-stars. Just 3 in the kitchen, the chef, a pastry chef, and an assistant, it was sublime. Dishes that can’t really be categorised except to say that it probably reflects what the chef likes to cook, I squeezed in a lunch there on the last day, and it was the most memorable of the trip. Here are some photo highlights:

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