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Our first serious meal this trip is at Michel Bras. He’s a legend in cooking having invented much of what is done today in haute cuisine. In a quote attributed to Wiley Dufresne “he has been copied by every chef in the world. We’ve all taken a page out of the Bras book – the […]

A sunny and muggy day. Enroute to the Vasa museum we walked through the Karlaplan area: The Vasa museum is on its own island, so we needed to cross a bridge to get there: The Vasa is a viking war ship that sank on its maiden voyage: Then it was off for a boat ride […]

Go at least once: (numbers are my ratings) Le Bernadin: 9 Sasabune: 9 Corton: 11 Per Se: 10 Megu: 9 Balthazar’s (for dinner, lunch is patchy): 10 Pylos: 9 Kajitsu: 8 Go as often as you can (afford to!): Sasabune: 9 Toloache: 9 Corton: 11 Per Se: 10 Katz’s: 8 Balthazar’s (for dinner): 10 Pylos: […]

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