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Gitzo GM3860C Monopod

I’ve been using the Gitzo GM5540 monopod for a couple of years and it’s a beast. It’s the beefiest monopod Gitzo make and while its carbon fibre it may a well be steel. I’ve got a couple of trips coming up where I need to take a monopod and I’ve been looking at something lighter for quite awhile. When the GM3860C was announced about a year ago I thought this would be sturdy enough and when I saw it on an Aussie site Camerapro that was the same price as the US online shops like Adorama I thought I’d get one and try it out with the intention of replacing it. Here’s a photo of the smaller and lighter 3860 last night. It was certainly sturdy enough – it’s rated for 15kg which is more than enough for a D3 and a 400mm:

And here’s a comparison. While they look similar the 3860 has a swivel head on it so it’s in reality 2.5 in shorter.

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