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Truffle heaven at Chez Bruno

If you lust for truffle, then Chez Bruno in Lorgues can give you your fix. This place does 130 covers for lunch and then again at dinner, every day, every week. It’s singular role is to serve truffles in a set menu where the only variation is the type of truffle that’s grated onto the dish. In summer, the choices are the summer truffle, and two types of winter truffle which are “freshly frozen”:
Lorgues - France - 2 August 2011
Dish of Burrata (a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream) with Caviar de Truffe and tomato confit with a toast with truffles (Aestivum (Front) and Melanosporum (Rear):
Lorgues - France - 2 August 2011
Dish of La Pomme de Terre des Montagnes cuite en Robe des Champs, Crème de Truffe Tuber Brumale et une râpée de Truffes Tuber Aestivum (Mountain potato cooked in their skins, cream Truffle Tuber Brumale and Truffle Tuber Aestivum)
Lorgues - France - 2 August 2011

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