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Strobist: Unlock The Superslave in Your Nikon SB-800

This is a really cool hack to get a SB-800 to be an optical slave:

1. First, turn on your flash.
2. Now get into the submenu by pressing and holding the “sel” button for 2 seconds.
3. Arrow right (the “single tree” button) to get the upper right quadrant highlighted.
4. Push the select button again.
5. Scoll down (“-” button) until “SU-4” is highlighted.
6. Push “sel” again to select.
7. Push and hold “sel” for 2 seconds to get out of the submenu.
8. Your flash will now say “REMOTE.”

This means I can use the ringflash to trigger a SB-800 positioned to lighten up a white backdrop. Very cool.