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Schwoch Seafood in Strahan

If you like seafood fresh from the catch, these days you really have to catch it yourself of go down to the market and make friends with a fishmonger. However, at the township of Strahan in the southwest corner of Tasmania there’s a fish and chip shop that sells the freshest and best value seafood I’ve come across in a long long time. I bought a dozen Bruny Island oysters which were shucked in front of me for $17 when a week ago they were $35 on the menu at Prosser’s in Hobart. We also bought whole crayfish for $40 that had sweet and tender meat, and when you break the legs, the meat just pulls out in whole pieces. A little piece of seafood heaven. Tip: Skip the Fish Cafe that’s owned by the Strahan Village operation and head across the street to Schwoch.