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Eye-Fi cards warning

Just finished using Shuttersnitch at a party and went to copy the files off two Eye-Fi cards. I tried to use a high speed Lexar reader and found an error which I’ve posted on the Eye-Fi forums. I’ve discovered an interesting issue. It seems you MUST use the Eye-Fi supplied card reader to copy files off.
1/11/10 01-Nov-10|9:31:18 AM [0x0-0x105105].com.apple.Preview[1701] Mon Nov 1 09:31:18 syd.low.st Preview[1701] : Unsupported marker type 0x0e
1/11/10 01-Nov-10|9:31:18 AM Preview[1701] Corrupt JPEG data: 64 extraneous bytes before marker 0xc0
1/11/10 01-Nov-10|9:31:18 AM Preview[1701] Unsupported marker type 0x0e

Keep an eye there if you’re interested in the replies. This is the card reader in question: