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Thank you VCAT – Yamaha, you lost

Yamaha wanted to charge $350 for a part of the PDX50 speakers when you can get the whole system for around $299 street price. Importers should know the law and stop ripping off customers. Why consumer product companies do this in the 21st century is beyond me. There’s been 3 decades of customer loyalty learning from every MBA school you can think of but Yamaha thinks that by ripping off an existing customer will be great for profits and its shareholders.
Thank goodness for VCAT. Before the matter was heard I’ve now got the part for $68 as a “negotiated settlement” which is eminently more reasonable than $350. Ask yourself why I even had to lodge a claim at VCAT to get Yamaha to sell the part at a reasonable price. I certainly won’t be buying anymore Yamaha products for the rest of my life. Lifetime value of this customer to Yamaha = $0