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Canon EOS 550D – 8 years after the Canon D60

The Canon D60 was my first DSLR. In 2002 it was USD$2,000 for the body. In 2010, the Canon EOS 550D is USD$799. Key stats: 6MP versus 18MP. So it was more than twice as expensive and had 1/3rd the number of pixels. How far we’ve come.
I had a play with a 550D tonight, with the kit lens and I was pretty impressed. Easy to use, no need for a manual to figure out most of the controls and very clean at high ISO. In fact, shooting a candle in a dark room at ISO2000 yielded a superb image that would have been better than the 1D Mk II and the pre Nikon D3 era cameras. I don’t have my 60D any longer but it would be quite an interesting exercise to compare the IQ back to back. Even though I’m not a Canon shooter any more, having switched to Nikon 3 years ago, I would have no hesitation in recommending this camera to someone looking for an entry level DSLR. However, I’d also want to have a good look at the Nikon 3100 which is at the same price point.