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Remote camera at the soccer

Inspired by AP photographer Morry Gash’s photo of the NBA match Heat vs Bucks shot with a remote camera I got the Pocketwizards out today.
Most remotes are set behind the goal with a fish-eye lens or an ultrawide. But I decided to try something a bit different. Lens used was a 70-200mm at 190mm. Manual focused and f8 for some depth of field. The idea was to shoot some goal-mouth action. Unfortunately there were no goals scored at this end for the whole match. Nevertheless, it was a great location for the remote: setup near mid-field at about a 45 degree angle to the goal, hidden behind a sponsor’s banners. This angle is usually impossible to get from the other end. If I were to shoot it from the end of the field I’d need a 670mm, or a 400mm with a 1.7x TC. While possible it’s just too cumbersome to put the TC on just for a shot. But a remote worked beautifully. Setup was triggered by a Pocketwizard Plus II. Here’s one of the keepers. Here’s another one. And more images here.
SOCCER Hyundai A-League 2011: 2 January - Melbourne Heart def North Queensland Fury 2-0