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Prepaid mobile with 3G data in Stockholm, Sweden

Had to get online in Stockholm to use Google maps and other online resources. Help? There’s an excellent guide called Pay as you go sim with data Wiki and the entry for Sweden lists several options. I went to the local Phone House opposite my hotel and purchased a Telenor plan called Talk More. The SIM costs 100 SKR and you have to top it up with credit before it can be used. Since I was only here for less than a week I figure at 9 SKR a day for unlimited data I only needed the minimum 100 SKR top up. There are two gotchas:
– Apparently Telenor does not supply resellers with microsims (so you’ll need to cut it down if you want to use it in an iPhone); and
– To add the top up you have to call Telenor and listen to instructions in Swedish. The chaps at the Phone House store did it for me.
Other than that the cards are working fine in our IP4s.