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Bread worth moving to Paris for

We arrived back in Paris, this time staying in Montmartre. We had to get some basics for the apartment, bread, milk, eggs. I know there’s an award winning bakery on the same street and luckily, we went there and got some items as they’re off on August holidays as of tonight for 2 weeks. So, this is what the best baguette in Paris looks like:
Paris - France - 15 August 2011
This store on Rue des Abbesses from the chain Le Grenier à Pain won 1st Prize for Best Baguette in Paris, 2010, by baker Djibril Bodian. We bought one baguette but after taking a bite, we knew we had to buy another one just to be sure. Here are some other items from the store:
Paris - France - 15 August 2011

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