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The last days in France

Our trip to France is winding up. We went to the town of Goudargues on Wednesday to check out the weekly market. Goudargues has a canal through the town and is called the Venice of Provence. Well, not quite:
Goudargues - France - 24 August 2011
The stalls had the usual stuff, but this van caught my eye:
Goudargues - France - 24 August 2011
After battling through the A7 to Lyon Kim picked up the girls from Vichy station and we had a really nice meal at Comptoir Abel in the old town. Probably one of the few places I’d go back to on a regular basis. Great chicken with morilles dish.
Our last lunch was a bit of fish at ├ęcailler Cellerier chez Georges in Les Halles and then some takeaway bits and pieces for Mia, including some ham from Bellota-Bellota.:
Lyon - France - 26 August 2011
So, au revoir France and hello England!