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Getting off Venice island and a nice surprise

As part of Greta’s birthday we needed to get her to a party that the friends she made in France were having. The venue was a hall in a town called Spinea off Venice island. A quick Google map search found that it’s not somewhere public transport would get us to easily.

Googling came up with a limo service called Venice Group Services and after a few emails from Domenico we had a ride. So the plan was to take a vaporetto to Piazzale Roma which is where is the main bus station and get picked up. Domenico will then drop off Greta at Spinea and then drop Kim, Mia and me off at a nearby restaurant called Do Ciacole which was selected by looking on Google maps and seeing what was the closest restaurant. As luck would have it Tripadvisor confirmed that Do Ciacole had a few good reviews so we chanced it and booked for dinner. The food turned out to be really good. There was a fish menu and a meat menu. We all selected items from the meat menu which had a focus on tartufo. The tartufo tagliatelle was superb and Mia and I shared a beef filet with tartufo sauce:
DO CIACOLE - Italy - 22 October 2011
Washed down by a delightful Barbera:
DO CIACOLE - Italy - 22 October 2011
Getting home was also seamless apart from having to wait for a vaporetto on the N (night) service for 40 minutes.