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Howto: a workflow for distributing photos for live blogging

We are firmly in the Twitter and Facebook era. Live blogging and tweeting has been with us for 2-3 years and it’s now an expected method for broadcasting a live event if it’s not shown live on TV. The challenge for photographers is how to provide images to live tweeters and bloggers in a timely manner to match their commentary. Traditionally, at a football match a photographer shooting for an image agency would typically shoot images to a memory card and import those images into a laptop they would have beside them, and add the captions to a few photos and upload them at half-time and again at the end of the match. Sometimes, it may be more frequent, but the action will have taken place 10-30 minutes before the images are available for the agency’s client to download. Working with the guys at a new soccer web site MFootball, here is my workflow for getting photos to the blogging team at MFootball in under a minute of the peak action taking place:

That’s all there is to it. My aim is to have a fresh image available every 2-3 minutes. So keep an eye out on Twitter for live photos during the coming soccer season here: @melbfootball.
Here’s an example of a preseason match where Perth Glory FC used the live photos for their tweets and then posted as an album in their Facebook fan page: