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Wireless sports shooting: Nikon D4, FZ200, EyeFi, iPad, iPhone5, HAME, Shuttersnitch and Photogene

What a mouthful. This post is about how to connect cameras wirelessly to an iPad so images can be edited and captioned, and uploaded live to services on the Internet live during an event. For most agency and wire service photographers, the typical setup is to ingest images from their cameras’ memory cards via a card reader several times during an event, edit, caption and upload 3-4 times during an event. However, in the age of Twitter, Facebook and live blogging, the need for getting images online asap is the key challenge for photographers today.
This setup solves a number of bottlenecks and constraints with current solutions:

So the components of this setup comprises:

This is how it all connects up:

In the next post I’ll write about setting up the A1 with the Nikon D4.