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FTP servers compatible with Canon EOS R3 R5 and R6

Updated 17 March 2024. The Canon EOS R3, R5 and R6, along with the 1DX, and the newer 5D cameras have a FTP client built in. This allows images to be sent via Wifi or Ethernet to a FTP server. One of the use cases is to send images to a computer. This works very well and if you’re using a Mac as they come with an FTP server which just needs be activated. However, since macOS version 10.13 (High Sierra) of the Mac’s operating system, Apple removed the FTP server from the operating system and a 3rd party application is required.

I had been using the QuickFTP app for several years and it has worked fine with Nikon and Sony cameras. But it seems that Canon’s EOS R3 R5 R6 doesn’t want to send images to it. The camera reports a successful connection but when an attempt is made to send an image, the camera just doesn’t. So, I found another two other apps, FileZilla Server and Ftp-Serv which does work with these Canon cameras. So if you’re using QuickFTP server and pulling your hair out, you can stop it now!

However, there’s still a couple of gotchas to get this to work. 1. You need to disable Passive mode in the camera’s FTP settings if you’re using FTP-Serv. FileZilla is fine with Passive mode; and 2. You need to use a non-standard port as macOS doesn’t like you to use the standard FTP port 21. I use 26000.