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Reducing bufferbloat on a 1000/50 NBN service

Bufferbloat is a known problem and can be exacerbated on fast Internet connections like a Gigabit fibre service. One way to reduce bufferbloat and throttling by ISPs is to use a router that has smart queue management algorithms.

On a Unifi Dream Machine, this is a setting called Smart Queues and it apparently uses an algorithm called FQ-CoDel. You specify a download and upload speed. This is particularly needed to avoid access being affected by the NBN policer.

With a setting of 1000 mbps down and 50 mbps up on an AussieBroadband FTTP 1000/50 service, this is what the Bufferbloat test on Waveform delivers:

And on the DSL Reports Bufferbloat speedtest, a similar result: