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Macbook M1 Live Transfer with two Nikon D5 via Ethernet LAN

It’s not as glamorous or sexy as wireless, but if you want reliable and fast live transfer of images, this is as good as it gets. Two Nikon D5 cameras shooting football and sending every image live to a cloud service via a shared folder on a M1 Macbook. No external power required.

Here’s the hardware and software:

  1. Nikon D5 x 2
  2. Macbook M1 running Big Sur
  3. Quick FTP server software
  4. USB powered 4-port Ethernet hub like this or this
  5. USB-C dongle for Macbook that has Ethernet port
  6. Ethernet cables

Here’s the setup:

  1. Connect the hub to the router with an Ethernet cable
  2. Connect the D5s to the router via the hub
  3. Connect the Mac’s Ethernet port on the dongle to the hub
  4. Connect the dongle to the Mac
  5. Connect the USB power from the hub to the dongle on the Mac
  6. Start the Mac and get its IP address. Note that down
  7. Start Quick FTP Server software and select a folder where the files are going to be downloaded from the cameras. If you select a folder that’s setup by a cloud service like Dropbox, Onedrive or Box, then those images will be sent to the cloud as soon as they arrive
  8. Configure the D5s using the IP address of the Mac as the FTP server, in FTP mode
  9. You should be able to send photos to your Mac from your D5!