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How to Return Faulty Amazon Products Outside Return Window

In Australia, Amazon’s return window is 1 month. But many products have a warranty period far exceeding 1 month from the manufacturer, and the Australian Consumer Law also requires businesses to provide consumer guarantees for products under $100,000. The Australian Consumer Law also requires the retailer to provide the purchaser with remedies that include repair, replace or refund. The complication is how to get Amazon to provide these remedies.

Outside the Amazon return window the way to do this is to start a chat with an Amazon representative by clicking on this link. If you want the long story, start with the Returning Faulty Items page and click on the “contact us” link.


You’ll get to the landing page for customer service. Click on the “Something else” button. Don’t bother with any of the other options.

Then click on the Contact Us button

And finally, click on the “Start chatting now” button.

You’ll probably get some spiel about the goods are outside the return window. Persevere and point out Amazon’s obligations under the Australian Consumer Law. If you’re unhappy about Amazon’s response, you can make a complaint to the ACCC.