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Tips on using Migrate Guru to move a WordPress Multi-site with FTP


I wanted to move a WordPress Multisite from Digital Ocean to a Raspberry Pi running on my LAN. The total size of the sites was just over 1 GB. After checking Google, it seems the Migrate Guru plugin could do the job. After several failed attempts, it finally worked and here are my tips, and limitations:

  1. If you’re moving a Multisite, create a working Multisite with a couple of sites on your destination server before starting the migration. If you just have a standard site the migration failed for me with redirection errors.
  2. I had an ftp server setup on the destination server but I could never get Migrate Guru to work with FTP. Rather, install the Migrate Guru plugin on the destination server and copy the Migration Key into the Migrate Guru’s migration page on the origination server. This method seems to use http as the transfer protocol and you don’t need to enter any IP address or site URLs.
  3. The migration took around 3-4 hours to complete for my 1 GB and 8 web sites.

After the transfer, if you want to have the same primary site as the origination server, you’ll need to edit the wordpress database tables. Otherwise, the primary site will be the name you setup prior to the transfer.

You may also need to update your DNS records to point the host to the new IP address, create virtual host files in your Apache configuration as well as getting SSL certificates for all the hosts.