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I got intrigued by Rob Galbraith’s post on Wireless photography with an iPad and ShutterSnitch so I got the bits referred to in his article and am trying to replicate it. Aluratek modem and Eye-Fi cards from Adorama. All good so far…

iPad working via 3G on Telstra – had to put in the APN manually as iTunes didn’t download the carrier settings straight away. Right on time.

As with most photographers I get asked for my camera recommendations. So based on all the recent reviews and my personal experience here are the two types of cameras I would buy: 1. For no compromise photos, the Nikon D700 or D3s. The D700 if you don’t do sport and the D3s if you do. […]

I hope this becomes reality…

So I got excited by TB3’s new search feature which is similar to the once great Zoe idea. However, after importing my Mail.app local files and letting it index overnight TB3’s not a replacement for Mail.app and Spotlight. TB3’s search feature presents the results in a more contextually useful way allowing the results to be […]

My friend Dorjee’s project www.theburningseasonmovie.com: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRL0E6quAQE&hl=en&fs=1&]