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Stockholm – day 1

The journey took a cancelled flight and 40 hours…
Here’s a picture of us deplaning in Dubai at 5am. No sign of an airbridge in sight. Not a good impression.
Dubai - UAE - 19 July 2011
And when transiting in Frankfurt there were raffles for classic Mercedes all over the place. I guess raffles for vintage Holdens wouldn’t have as much cachet:
Frankfurt - Germany - 20 July 2011
They say Stockholm is all about islands. Well from the air it’s confirmed:
Stockholm - Sweden - 20 July 2011
After a good sleep the sightseeing started with a stroll to the old town Gamla stan via a street called Gƶtgatan. Here’s a map of the places we intend to visit on Google Maps.
Stockholm - Sweden - 21 July 2011
Some charming buildings including a hotel tucked in a lane:
Stockholm - Sweden - 21 July 2011
One of the coolest buildings is a bar/restaurant called Gondolen which is suspended high up with a great view of Stockholm:
Stockholm - Sweden - 21 July 2011
Lots of street markets with beautiful berries. The Swedes love their berries I’m told:
Stockholm - Sweden - 21 July 2011
Lunchtime came around and we stopped at Pontus Frithiof by the Sea. Time to have a the classic Swedish Skagen dish:
Stockholm - Sweden - 21 July 2011
After lunch it was off to the old town Gamla stan which is also where the royal palace is located:
Stockholm - Sweden - 21 July 2011
Stockholm - Sweden - 21 July 2011
More photos here.

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