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Fix the boots day

It’s dumping snow outside with 100kmh winds so a good day to fix some equipment. Greta’s been having problems with the Salomon Course 100 boots (which were bought for Mia last year), and Mia’s been skiing on Greta’s old Lange Team 80s (which Greta loves). So we went to a highly recommended boot fitter called FanatykCo and saw Kevin. Kevin said Mia would be fine in her Salomon’s with a bit of softening. It turned out that the work done on the boots in Obergurgl last year was completely wrong.

Greta is back in her Langes after blowing out the toes for extra length and a custom Intuition liner. These liners are made in Vancouver are not foam injected but rather heat moldable. They go into a convection oven at around 200C and then you put your foot in them and then into the shell. The picture above is Kevin and Bernie fitting the Intuition liner into Greta’s boots.

Kevin also checked out Kim’s and my boots and Kim’s boots could probably be 1-2 shell sizes smaller. My boot liners have packed down after 6 seasons and he recommended a pair of boots with a smaller shell size and a bit of work on the toe area to get a snugger fit. He had sold out of size 25s but I found a pair of the recommended Head S12 at Snowcovers and took them back to Kevin who put in a set of footbeds and a bit of work on the right boot to give the toes a bit more room. They’re incredibly snug at present – more after a few days skiing.

To cap it all off Kevin suggested I take a pair of K2 Seth Pistols for a demo in the powder tomorrow!