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Here are the results for the Division 5 Girls Giant Slalom on 29 August 2008: 1st: Mia Low, 2nd Emily Esposito, 3rd Kathryn Parker.     Link to full results.

AC554 from Vancouver to LAX and then QF26 from LAX to MEL via Auckland got us home! Greta had a great flight – slept for 10 hours on the long LAX-AKL sector.

After dinner, we went to the Mountain Equipment Coop for a bit of last minute shopping. Great shop – like REI it’s a Coop and run for its members.

We went to Tojo’s tonight with Andrzej, Carolyn and Stefan. Here’s a pic of me and Hidekazu Tojo. Andrzej’s been going there since he opened so is a very long term regular! Had some very cool dishes including crab, blue-fin toro, sable fish and shitake mushrooms…

Ate at Banana Leaf Broadway location at lunchtime. Tokyo Tom joined us – what a nice surprise. The crab and the black cod were the dishes of the day. Good value and delicious.

Went to Caffe Artgiano (Hastings store with the full kitchen) for breakfast and Cafe O for an afternoon espresso. After not having a decent coffee for past 8 weeks it was heaven. Matteo at Artigiano and Ira at Cafe O made some great shots.

Ate a local speciality called a Geoduck tonight at Sun Sui Wah… Thinly sliced and quickly pan fried with a spicy soy sauce. Similar to abalone, conch or squid.

We’re off at 1pm. Staying at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown. Got a few tips on restaurants to try:C Restaurant, Sun Sui Wah, Tojo’s and Banana Leaf.

Tom giving Kim some tips on top of Glacier Express.

We had our last Whistler dinner at Sachi…

Found this web site (Healthspace) that publishes the food inspection reports of Whistler restaurants. Our regular restaurants fared OK.

This is the wheat-free bread we’ve been eating every day. Made in Vancouver, the supermarkets here get a few loaves a week. Hard to find, it’s excellent. Wish we had it in Melbourne.

Greta and Mia went snowboarding today and I finished editing the video of them when they were out last. As usual, you’ll need Quicktime player to watch it. Here it is (30MB): Snowboarding movie.

Tom Akama’s a private ski instructor by day and restaurateur by night. His restaurant is inside the Westin. Great suki yaki.

After the dismal weather yesterday the sun shone this morning with 20cm of fresh snow on the upper runs. I met up with Andrzej who’s up here with his oldest son Stefan for a ski-weekend. We skied everywhere: Bear Paw, Jimmy’s Joker, West bowl, Bagel bowl, Sun bowl, Harmony runs… The nicest was Bagel Bowl […]

There’s 4 more days here and it’s raining… Hope it stops soon.

Tempura prawn, avocado, crab, spicy mayo and fish eggs… Now available at Sachi Sushi!

We did it. We went heli-skiing today on kilometres of untracked snow today in the Brandywine mountain south-west of Whistler resort. It’s really as good as the the hype. Skiing on runs in a resort will never be the same again. Greta and I did 4 runs and Kim and Mia did 3 runs. At […]

The end of the 4th run…

We skied this slope which was used for the Canadian Powder-8 competition. Simply awesome.

Greta hurt her hand today. We were coming off Garbanzo chair and Mia swerved suddenly to miss a snowboarder and Greta stopped to avoid her. Somehow I skied into Greta and she fell backwards. Not sure exactly how she hurt her right hand but it got x-rayed and a fiberglass splint made at the medical […]

Had dinner at Zen Sushi at Creekside with Garry, Robyn and their daughter Peta. We had a tatami room which didn’t allow us to get the ambience but there were some nice sushi, but quite a bit more expensive than our regular place Sachi. The most interesting dish was the torched-toro sushi. Zen is located […]

Crunch time came, Kim’s feet were slopping around in her Strolz so Rob from FanatykCo fitted her with a pair of 2007 Dalballo Krypton Storm boots!

Here’s a short movie (30MB size) of Mia and Greta skiing. You’ll need Quicktime Player software. Click on the image to download and play.