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The Nikon 650mm lens

At today’s W-League match I was positioned at the end of the field because of the afternoon sun lighting conditions I’ve blogged about in the past. Since most of the action was the far end of the stadium I thought I’d pull out the 1.7X teleconverter and put it on the 400mm. That combo makes it a 680mm and it loses 1.5 f-stops making it f4.8 wide open. Lightroom reports this as a 650mm lens. So this makes it an alternative to the 600mm f4 lens. This is what 650mm looks like. I think I’ll be using this combo more when the lighting allows it:
SOCCER Westfield W-League 2010: 18 December - Perth Glory def Melbourne Victory 1-0
Click here or on the image for more photos with the 650mm.