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Le Clairvaux #7 – Aspen Condo review

Stay tunedSo here is a review of the condo we rented in Aspen. This condo is convenient location, across the road from the City Market and three blocks away from the Silver Queen gondola. The Clairvaux No 7 is on the first floor (second floor if you’re from the US) and has a great view of Aspen Mountain from the verandah. Here’s the view:

And a view looking left:

But the devil is in the detail… A week and a bit into our stay the main bathroom’s combo bath/shower blocked up. It took over five days for the rental agent to have the problem fixed. During this time not only the bath, but the bathroom was not usable because their workmen left it in such a mess. Here’s a pic.

If this happened in a hotel, we would have been moved into another room while the bath was being fixed. But not the rental agent Whitman Fine Properties. There was no apology, no concerned phone calls, and, the compensation they offered was one day’s rental refund for a one month rental. Of course, they said that’s what the owners – Jennifer Preece and Ben Shneiderman – offered. Who knows whether that’s true. And, they still charged us a cleaning cost when we checked out after a month. So – if you’re thinking about renting this place, I’d avoid it and get another condo from another rental agent and owners.