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Angelbird AV Pro SE cards for EOS R3 and R5

To shoot video at 6K RAW or 4K 100fps on the EOS R3 you’ll need a CFExpress card that can write 400 Mbytes per second at a sustained rate. There are a few cards out there than can do it, but the best value as at this post in July 2022 is the Angelbird AV Pro SE. Currently around AUD$300. This card only comes in 512GB, but it’s lower cost than anything else that is capable of 400MBs. One of the reasons is that other cards are faster, but if you only need to go beyond 400MBs then this is sufficient. Cards like the ProGrade Cobalt, Sony Tough, Delkin Black and Wise also work but are much more expensive per byte. You’ll also need this card if you’re doing 4K 100fps and 8K All-I on the EOS R5.