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Troubleshooting FTP for Canon EOS R5 R6 R3 Nikon Z9 Z7 Z6

To troubleshoot ftp connections, here’s a set of parameters you should have. If you don’t have all of these, you’re unlikely to get it to work:

1 IP Address (or hostname) of your ftp server
2 IP Address of your router and network mask of your network
3 IP Address of your camera
4 account name on your ftp server
5 account password on your ftp server
– 2 and 3 will be set automatically if your router is also doing DHCP, otherwise you will have to set 2 and 3 manually
– make sure your ftp server is really ftp, and not sftp or some other tile transfer protocol
– make sure your network hasn’t blocked ftp via a firewall
– make sure your ftp server’s computer hasn’t blocked ftp ports

If you’re connecting via Wifi
7 SSID Password

Highly desirable to know:
Name of your ftp server software for trouble shooting

Best approach to test:
Don’t connect with your camera to ftp server before you confirm that another computer can transfer photos to it via FTP using the settings you have. Too hard to diagnose errors on cameras as there are no logs or meaningful error messages.

If you’re using a Mac (Intel CPU) as the FTP server, I suggest FTP-Serve if you’re using Canon cameras. If you’re using Nikon, then QuickFTP will also work. If you’re on an M1 powered Mac, iPad or iPhone, then Shuttersnitch is highly recommended for either Canon or Nikon.