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Melbourne Fashion Week 2018 Highlights

A selection of images from the various runways at Melbourne Fashion Week 2018. Full gallery is here.

Keisuke Honda joins Melbourne Victory

For the 2018-19 A-League soccer season Keisuke Honda has signed up to Melbourne Victory. Probably the biggest star to play in the A-League, it will be a most interesting season.

“Disk Not Ejected Properly” – USB3 – iMac Pro – Sleep/Wake

There are hundreds of discussions about a “Disk Not Ejected Properly” Alert. And there are lots of suggestions of how to fix from changing Energy Saver settings to firmware updates on external disks.
None of the existing solutions worked for me with a 2017 iMac Pro and a Seagate Backup+ Hub 6TB disk. Every time the computer goes to sleep the error would occur when the iMac was woken up. After the error the disk volumes can’t be remounted until the iMac was restarted. Clearly not a good situation.
Since this was a new iMac, there was only a few apps installed. Testing confirmed that with a clean MacOS 10.13.5 installation the external disk sleeps and wakes OK, without error. So it was one of a dozen apps that was installed that causes the problem.
For me, the problem was caused by the installation of Epson Printer Software Update 3.3. This package installs something called “/Library/Extensions/EPSONUSBPrintClass.kext” which loads “/Library/Printers/EPSON/CIOSupport/EPSONUSBPrintClass.plugin”. Something in this package is doing something bad to the USB interface on the iMac Pro. Removing the kernel extension EPSONUSBPrintClass.kext solves my problem.
Since I use wifi to connect to the printer, I’ve not seen any adverse effects from removing this kext. But if you use USB, I’m not sure what functionality you’ll lose.
Update (23 June 2018): Removing the kext didn’t completely fix the problem. I have set my Apple Watch to unlock the Mac and this, in combination with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse/trackpad is compounding the complexity. So this is what I’ve done to problem solve the error:

  • In Bluetooth Preferences, unchecked the “Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer”. I’m using a wired keyboard and using that to wake the iMac.
  • In Energy Saver, unchecked every option.
  • Installed Sleepwatcher v2.2 and a sleep and wakeup script to unmount and mount the volumes on the external disk. I’ve adapted this script.

Tribute Dinner for Paul Bocuse

16 February 2018 – Philippe Mouchel held a tribute dinner for Paul Bocuse, who he worked with in France, Japan and Australia. Here are some photos from the dinner.

Wozniacki wins the 2018 Australian Open

Highlights of Caroline Wozniacki’s  journey in winning the Australian Open and her first grand-slam title. More images here.

Roger Federer wins 2018 Australian Open

Highlights of Roger Federer’s journey in defending his Australian Open title. More images here.

Australian Open 2018

The Australian Open starts next week and the players are practising ahead of the event.
Some shots from practise sessions and the family event.
Stay up to date via the gallery.

Dining reviews – end of 2017 update

A few more excellent places to round out 2017:

  • Aqua, Wolfsburg – absolutely worth the trip from Berlin, excellent service, food and ambience (3*)
  • Facil, Berlin – delicious food, patchy service (2*)
  • Grill Royal, Berlin – classic grill (1*)
  • 5 Cinco, Berlin – beautiful food and ambience, a must (1*)
  • Cookies Cream, Berlin – innovative vegetarian restaurant (1*)
  • Golvet, Berlin – great views, good food and service, worth a visit (1*)
  • 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo, Hong Kong – classic food (3*)
  • Amber, Hong Kong – beautiful food, expensive, getting a renovation and will reopen in 2018 (2*)

Also worth a visit is Ständige Vertretung and Rüya in Schöneberg (chicken donor) for some classic local food in Berlin. And berlinfoodstories.com is a good resource.

Some fine dining in Berlin and Wolfsburg

Visiting Berlin and taking the opportunity to eat at some nice places. Aqua in Wolfsburg, Horvath and Cookies Cream in Berlin, and a fun Vietnamese place called Madame Ngo.
These shots were done with a Nikon D500 and the 16-80 f2.8-4 DX lens.

Product and stock shots for Philippe

Shooting some marketing shots for Philippe Restaurant for the upcoming festive season.

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