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Dining reviews: Europe 2017

Here’s a short summary of the eating experience from my trip:

St Moritz:




  • Co Chu – Neighbourhood vietnamese. Very good. Worth a visit.
  • Horvath (2*) – Exceptional. Must visit. Photos.
  • Mutzenbacher – For schnitzel, it was OK. Photo.
  • Tim Raue (2*) – Polarising. Didn’t like it but on reflection maybe worth a second look. Photos.
  • Einsunternull. (1*) – Exceptional. Most creative food in entire trip. As creative as Massimo. Went twice in one day. Must visit. Photos.


  • Brasserie Lipp – Bustling French brasserie in Zurich centre. Worth a visit.

The Devil’s Place – Whisky Bar

The whisky bar at the Waldhaus hotel in St Moritz is the largest in the world according to the Guiness Book of Records. Called the Devil’s Place, it houses over 2,500 whiskeys.

When I visited there was a TV crew from Austrian doing a spot on the bar and I ended up in the segment.

Pappagallo Restaurant in Bologna

Every Italian food lover has had spaghetti Bolognese. But to see what the benchmark is, the sources said the Pappagallo Restaurant in Bologna is the one to go to. The restaurant has been around since 1919 and is considered one of the most important restaurant in Bologna. Our lunch certainly lived up to the benchmark, The pasta dishes were perfect. Everything was in balance, The pasta was light, the sauces did not overwhelm and the taste of the potatoes were still there in the gnocchi. More images here.

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