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Wozniacki wins the 2018 Australian Open

Highlights of Caroline Wozniacki’s  journey in winning the Australian Open and her first grand-slam title. More images here.

Roger Federer wins 2018 Australian Open

Highlights of Roger Federer’s journey in defending his Australian Open title. More images here.

Australian Open 2018

The Australian Open starts next week and the players are practising ahead of the event.
Some shots from practise sessions and the family event.
Stay up to date via the gallery.

Dining reviews – end of 2017 update

A few more excellent places to round out 2017:

  • Aqua, Wolfsburg – absolutely worth the trip from Berlin, excellent service, food and ambience (3*)
  • Facil, Berlin – delicious food, patchy service (2*)
  • Grill Royal, Berlin – classic grill (1*)
  • 5 Cinco, Berlin – beautiful food and ambience, a must (1*)
  • Cookies Cream, Berlin – innovative vegetarian restaurant (1*)
  • Golvet, Berlin – great views, good food and service, worth a visit (1*)
  • 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo, Hong Kong – classic food (3*)
  • Amber, Hong Kong – beautiful food, expensive, getting a renovation and will reopen in 2018 (2*)

Also worth a visit is Ständige Vertretung and Rüya in Schöneberg (chicken donor) for some classic local food in Berlin. And berlinfoodstories.com is a good resource.

Some fine dining in Berlin and Wolfsburg

Visiting Berlin and taking the opportunity to eat at some nice places. Aqua in Wolfsburg, Horvath and Cookies Cream in Berlin, and a fun Vietnamese place called Madame Ngo.
These shots were done with a Nikon D500 and the 16-80 f2.8-4 DX lens.

Product and stock shots for Philippe

Shooting some marketing shots for Philippe Restaurant for the upcoming festive season.

Nikon Wireless Transfer D500 D750 D5 presentation

I gave a presentation at a Nikon sponsored event yesterday on how to transfer images from your Nikon DSLR to your smart device or laptop. Here’s the recording:

Philippe Mouchel 25 year celebration dinner

Photographs from a dinner celebrating chef Philippe Mouchel’s 25 years in Australia. Gallery here.

Bocuse d'Or Australia 2017

Images from the international cooking competition Bocuse d’Or. Full gallery here.

Fuji XT-2 v2 firmware and Lightroom RAW profiles

Something weird is going on with the Fuji XT-2 and the new v2 firmware. The new firmware allows you to capture raw files when using the film simulation bracket. Here are two samples of capturing RAW + Fine JPEG. The RAW rendering by Adobe Lightroom 2015.10 Camera Raw 9.10 looks completely different to the out of camera JPEG. The exposure is much darker and the colours don’t come close to the JPEG. [Click for large size]. Compare these with the previous firmware version here.
Update 4 May 2017: It seems the issue is with the Dynamic Range setting in the XT2. If shot on DR-Auto, this setting is not recognised by Lightroom which results in an underexposed rendering of the RAW. There’s a discussion here.

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