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Driving Aston Martins

I haven’t driven a seriously fast car for the best part of 6-7 years. So caught up with some Melbourne friends on an Aston Martin drive day at the Millbrook Proving Ground. Just amazing. The venue allowed us to do speed runs, banked high speed testing, skid pan, handling circuit and an amazing alpine route which simulates… alpine roads. Andy Burgess, great instructor, ridiculously fast on the alpine circuit. Drove a Vantage S for most of the day and a few high-speed runs in a Virage. Also saw some amazing cars. Two McLaren MP12 being tested, and a very rare One-77 at Aston’s workshop. Here’s the fleet:
Newport Pagnell - UK - 5 September 2011
And here’s the Aston facility at Millbrook:
Millbrook - UK - 5 September 2011