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Selected photos from the GP. More photos here.

At what is probably the first international event where Nikon’s NPS and Canon’s CPS had the new flagship cameras available I couldn’t resist to take them both out for a spin. Readers may remember that I switched from Nikon to Canon about 3 years ago when I was let down by the Canon 1D Mk3’s autofocus […]

I don’t usually do Entertainment shoots but since this one is related to Formula 1 I shot this one today. Here are three images. The first photo is shot with Canon’s magical 85mm f1.2 – it’s got a very distinctive “look” when shot at fast apertures.

Raceday arrives. It’s actually more like race evening as the race starts at 5pm. The F1 activity starts early with lots of special guests arriving in the F1 Paddock, and the formal stuff starts around 3pm with the drivers’ photos. Then it’s getting into position and then lots of waiting around. Here are some photos […]

I haven’t driven a seriously fast car for the best part of 6-7 years. So caught up with some Melbourne friends on an Aston Martin drive day at the Millbrook Proving Ground. Just amazing. The venue allowed us to do speed runs, banked high speed testing, skid pan, handling circuit and an amazing alpine route […]