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The Waterside Inn one of the three 3-star Michelin restaurants in the UK and is a 3 minute walk from the Fat Duck in Bray. To have 2 of the 3 3-star Michelin restaurants so close to each other in the same town is interesting. The restaurant is the opposite to the experimental and theatrical […]

The Curry Corner is an amazing Indian restaurant in Cheltenham. Various people and reviewers have said it’s the best Indian restaurant in the UK, and therefore, probably the world. So we went there for lunch and we were just blown away. Amazing samosas, nann, and sublime curries. The desserts are also simply amazing. Pictures don’t […]

Bletchley Park is a the museum for encryption, secret codes and computer geeks. This is where digital computers began with Alan Turing’s ingenuity and a team of other uber geeks. They cracked the codes that allowed the Brits to shorten and win the war against the Germans. Click on the pics for more info. A […]

Here are some shots of filming a sequence of the movie Born of War at our complex this morning: Here’s the trailer: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdfQKRtfFx0

Was on BBC Oxford new as well. Click to read the story.

Been sharing tweets with Dan De Gustibus about his bread. These are his recommendations: Oxford Sourdough, San Francisco Sourdough, and Old Milwaukee Rye:

OXFORD, UK – 13 October 2011: A plate of fish and chips at Marco Perre White’s Yew Tree Inn. The inn is a 17th century building in near Highclere Castle. Although Marco wasn’t there you can almost hear him yelling “10 quail 10 quail” from his guest appearance on Master Chef.

Round 1 of the Under 16 Oxford Mail Girls Football League started today for the Summertown Stars FC. Click for more photos:

Bibury has been described as the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds. Here are some pics: And lunch at the beautiful Bibury Court Hotel: And some trout to take home from the trout farm for dinner:

It was beautiful weather yesterday so Kim and I did a walking tour of Oxford, which was really a tour of 2-3 colleges.

The Anchor is at the end of our street and it’s a great pub with a truly tasty steak. It was apparently the best pub food in 2011 according to the Good Food Guide.

Here’s a pic of the condo where we’re staying. It’s next to a canal and a cemetery. We can’t see the cemetery but some apartments overlook it: I wouldn’t want to live on one: because it’d be pretty noisy with all the quacking: And one of the stranger tourist attractions in town:

Based on consistent reviews on Trip Advisor we ventured off to the Horse and Groom in the typically English sounding name of Bourton-on-the-Hill. Here’s a picture of the food from the restaurant’s web site. Looks good. Sadly, what we got was a Cornish seafood soup with no evidence of any ingredients that lived in water, […]

Have a close look at the exorbitant rates and conditions:

Of all the TV chefs and 3 star Michelin restaurants, Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck in Bray is the one that is the most theatrical. Having seen almost all his TV shows it was a thrill to finally get to eat there. We also bumped into Heston when we arrived in the car park. Bonus! […]

I haven’t driven a seriously fast car for the best part of 6-7 years. So caught up with some Melbourne friends on an Aston Martin drive day at the Millbrook Proving Ground. Just amazing. The venue allowed us to do speed runs, banked high speed testing, skid pan, handling circuit and an amazing alpine route […]

A fine thing to do on our first weekend in Oxford. Went to the Wychwood Forest Fair with Sir Hugo Brunner.

We’ve been on a lot of trains in the past month but the First Great Western train to Oxford didn’t have door handles. Here’s how you open the door: and the car parks are different here: