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Choosing a compatible NVME SSD for Apple Mac computers

Expanding the storage for your Mac with a DIY external drive with NVME SSD isn’t simple.  To get maximum speed from modern Macs with Thunderbolt ports mean getting a Thunderbolt enclosure. These are the ones that seem to play well with Macs: ACASIS model TBU405 and Orico model M234C3

These NVME models have the least reports of issues: Western Digital Black SN850X and SN850 and Most Western Digital drives.

And Samsung drives 970 and 980 series are the ones to avoid because of compatibility issues with the TRIM command of macOS Monterey and newer versions. The incompatibility causes very long mount times of five plus minutes after the drive has been used for awhile.

It’s surprising that this information isn’t more widely known, but it’s probably because DIY External SSDs are not that widely used.

With a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure you should attain the speeds shown in the image below with a modern MacBook Pro

Antinori Tenuta Tignanello ‘Solaia’ 1978

The first vintage of this benchmark wine. Unearthed a case of 6 of this in a Swiss garage in 2019. Three of the bottles were gone. But 3 were OK. 2 bottles in perfect condition. 3rd one showed a little leakage around cork and a little bit of oxidation, but wine still held up. The 2 perfect bottles showed excellent tannins and structure still. Dark fruits and loads of complexity. Could go for a few more years if the cork was in better condition. 41 years old and still full of life. Quite amazing really.

DigitalOcean Droplets aren’t configured with swap

Public service announcement – if your droplets are crashing mysteriously, check to see if it’s running out of memory and if adding swap space will fix your problem. This is what was in the /var/log/syslog file:

kernel: [62413.467900] Out of memory: Killed process 12910 (mysqld)...status=9/KILL

Sample instructions here if you’re running Ubuntu. This fixed my mysql problem which was causing random crashes several times a day.

Camera App drains iPhone 14 Pro Battery

Be careful putting your iPhone 14 Pro face-down. There seems to be a bug that sometimes activates that camera and it remains on. This causes the battery to completely run flat in 6 hours.

Suddenly no Internet access on iPhone 2023

Two friends had this problem recently and both turned out to be broken VPN apps. Neither could remember why they installed them in the first place. And neither even thought that those apps could have been a possible cause. Interestingly, neither could be disabled using the VPN switch in the Apple Settings app. The simple solution was to delete the actual app from the phone. The two offending apps were Surfshark and Phone Guardian. Could these apps be vectors for malware? One of them reported that access stopped after accepting a suspicious invitation to follow an account on Instagram.