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Took the new “tiny” Nikkor 500mm f/5.6 PF lens with the Nikon Mirrorless Z 7 out for a run last night at the A-League opening match for the season. Lots of mixed autofocus posts and youtube reviews by bloggers so I wanted to see how it went in an event. The round 1 derby at Marvel Stadium […]

For the 2018-19 A-League soccer season Keisuke Honda has signed up to Melbourne Victory. Probably the biggest star to play in the A-League, it will be a most interesting season.

Selected photos from the weekend’s match

Here are some selected photos from the A-League and W-League in 2013. More to come in 2014.

The Australian professional soccer league – A-League – starts. Unfortunately the season in Melbourne started with a nil-all draw. But here are some pics that are more behind the scenes than peak action:

At last, a soccer match that’s not in the mid afternoon sun. Here are some photos from Round 24 at AAMI Park

Shot yesterday’s A-League match with the 1D C (which is apparently a 1D X with video) and a 400mm. Very happy with the result. Images are different to the Nikon D4 – the JPEGs don’t have as much detail or latitude to tweak as the D4 but the RAW files seem to have more dynamic […]

Melbourne Victory just posted this on YouTube:

A selection of images from this season opener. Live images worked well with images used by @gomvfc and @melbfootball – More images on MFootball and Melbourne Victory.

The final round of this year’s A-League. It was good shooting football again after all the tennis! Farewell to two socceroos who retired after this match. More images here.

The Heart v Victory Derby was always going to be interesting. Again, left the tennis to grab some images. Got to capture the 3 goals in the first half. Images here.

Dashed over the road to AAMI Park from the Australian Open and grabbed a few shots in the first half of the match. Images here.

After the coffee competition it was back to AAMI Park for Round 22 of the A-League. At last it was a cloudy day so shooting conditions were a lot better than that last few rounds. Images here.

Another 3pm afternoon match. Crazy light, but the upside is that the last 10 minutes was in the Golden Hour.  More images here.

A late afternoon match so the sun was hitting half the pitch as usual. Not idea but got some nice high-contrast shots. Ran into the buffer limits on the D3 – need to see if I can optimise the settings a bit more to get the full 26 raw shot. Full gallery is here.

Photos from round 19 action from AAMI park is here.

After shooting volley ball this week it took a little while to get my timing back. Gallery is here.

Back at AAMI Park on a muggy night. Shot from the far end of the pitch for a change and I liked it! Gallery here.

A cold and wet night meant shooting from the stands. Images here.

The 2nd match of Round 14 with Melbourne Victory (photos) and the Round 15 match for Melbourne Heart (photos) was back to back this week. Both matches were at AAMI Park.

Melbourne Heart at AAMI Park. Perfect shooting conditions from level 3 and on the ground.

This round was held on Saturday night at Etihad Stadium under an open roof and with the sun still shining (a little bit). So changing light conditions meant starting out at around ISO 1600 and finishing the night at ISO 2500. Almost 1 f-stop difference. Doesn’t sound much but its enough to make sure you’ve […]

A muggy night at Etihad stadium hosted some great action. I sat on the south west corner: At last week’s match I was on the south east side of the pitch. Here is a link to the gallery.

A beautiful Spring afternoon match. No sun across AAMI Park. ISO 800 at the start of the match before the sun set. Small crowd and pretty uneventful match. More pics here.