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A couple of images from Arizona shot in 2011 of the Secret Canyon. When these were taken, Adobe Lightroom was using the “2010” RAW converter. With the current version of Lightroom, the converter has been updated to “2012”. And Photomatix has had another 2 years of enhancements. The first image is a 3-shot bracket that’s […]

I had a wonderful 5 days in NYC at the Jay Maisel Workshop. It’s hard to explain Jay’s magic but suffice to say that he is referred to by many of his contemporaries as “God”. Jay is a wonderful teacher and his philosophy is simple. The great photos have “Light, Colour and Gesture” and this […]

Go at least once: (numbers are my ratings) Le Bernadin: 9 Sasabune: 9 Corton: 11 Per Se: 10 Megu: 9 Balthazar’s (for dinner, lunch is patchy): 10 Pylos: 9 Kajitsu: 8 Go as often as you can (afford to!): Sasabune: 9 Toloache: 9 Corton: 11 Per Se: 10 Katz’s: 8 Balthazar’s (for dinner): 10 Pylos: […]

I’ve been in Utah for the past week and went on a tour to a canyon called Secret Canyon. Took the opportunity to take the GoPro out for a spin. Mounted it on the windscreen and got the following footage on the way back from the canyon. and here’s the camera mounted on the windscreen:

When I get into a new country, I have a routine for getting connected onto the local mobile network and the Internet. So here’s my routine for the US: – Find an AT&T store. You can go to a dealer, but I find the AT&T stores are the most knowledgeable. Ask for a GoPhone Pay […]

In New York for a couple of weeks. You can follow my photos here: