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Apple doesn’t make this easy. When your iCloud storage is full and you want to download 200GB of photos to free up space, one of the options, and arguably the most reliable, is to request Apple to compile the data via a request at privacy.apple.com. You can read about the issue with other methods in […]

  I wanted to move a WordPress Multisite from Digital Ocean to a Raspberry Pi running on my LAN. The total size of the sites was just over 1 GB. After checking Google, it seems the Migrate Guru plugin could do the job. After several failed attempts, it finally worked and here are my tips, […]

I was following the excellent instructions on how to Build a LAMP Web Server with WordPress on my Pi running on my LAN. Everything worked fine with the internal LAN IP address. I wanted to have the web server accessible from the Internet and I thought all I had to do was setup port forwarding […]

Took a bit of Googling to find, but here’s the answer on StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52021393/link-to-show-google-reviews The answer is to find the placeid and use this stub https://search.google.com/local/reviews?placeid=<place_id> Or use the hack via Google Maps and getting the link to reviews via the embed map popup

Apple has soldered the SSD storage onto the motherboard for years now. Here is detailed and succinct explanation of how you might upgrade the storage, and probably why you won’t want to do it yourself.

TLDR; Not recommended for an Apple device environment. My Netgear RAX50 which I use as an access point is now two and half years old. I was evaluating alternatives and the Archer AX80 (aka AX6000 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router with 2.5G Port) was available for virtually half the price of what I paid for the […]

If you have several Apple devices and use the Safari browser, iCloud tabs is a convenient way to access web pages you’ve got open on another device. A common problem is that when you close a tab on another device it keeps showing up on other devices. It seems that when you close a tab […]

If you’ve got a week or so in Sydney, here’s a list of nine restaurants where you can have great meals and get a glimpse of the delicious dining you can get in the harbour city in 2023.     But you’ll need to plan and book ahead of time: Saint Peter – benchmark seafood […]

In 1993, I started a company that was the first in the world to ship a 3rd party software product for the Apple Newton. It was available on a floppy disk, or you could order it over email and it would be sent electronically. Decades before an “App Store”

Expanding the storage for your Mac with a DIY external drive with NVME SSD isn’t simple.  To get maximum speed from modern Macs with Thunderbolt ports mean getting a Thunderbolt enclosure. These are the ones that seem to play well with Macs: ACASIS model TBU405 and Orico model M234C3 These NVME models have the least reports […]

The first vintage of this benchmark wine. Unearthed a case of 6 of this in a Swiss garage in 2019. Three of the bottles were gone. But 3 were OK. 2 bottles in perfect condition. 3rd one showed a little leakage around cork and a little bit of oxidation, but wine still held up. The […]

Public service announcement – if your droplets are crashing mysteriously, check to see if it’s running out of memory and if adding swap space will fix your problem. This is what was in the /var/log/syslog file: kernel: [62413.467900] Out of memory: Killed process 12910 (mysqld)…status=9/KILL Sample instructions here if you’re running Ubuntu. This fixed my […]

Be careful putting your iPhone 14 Pro face-down. There seems to be a bug that sometimes activates that camera and it remains on. This causes the battery to completely run flat in 6 hours.

Two friends had this problem recently and both turned out to be broken VPN apps. Neither could remember why they installed them in the first place. And neither even thought that those apps could have been a possible cause. Interestingly, neither could be disabled using the VPN switch in the Apple Settings app. The simple […]

Dropbox is a popular and favourite cloud service. Many photographers want to send photos directly from their camera to an editor or colleagues. Modern cameras like the Canon R3, R5, R6, 1DX and the Nikon Z9, D5, D6 have the ability to send images using the FTP protocol either wirelessly via WiFi or with wired […]

The 2023 Good Food Guide for Melbourne is out. 57% of hatted restaurants in 2017 are now closed or have lost their hat status. Let’s have a look at the restaurants that were awarded hats 5 years ago and where they are now: 33% of 3 hat restaurants have not retained their score 71% of 2 hat […]

In October 2022 Microsoft disabled some authentication protocols for their hosted Exchange Server email service. This means some clients like Outlook 2013 will not connect unless it uses Modern Authentication. This is not enabled by default, and it needs to be enabled and Outlook needs to be forced to use it. Here are some tips […]

In Australia, Amazon’s return window is 1 month. But many products have a warranty period far exceeding 1 month from the manufacturer, and the Australian Consumer Law also requires businesses to provide consumer guarantees for products under $100,000. The Australian Consumer Law also requires the retailer to provide the purchaser with remedies that include repair, […]

If you’re having problems with older iPhone devices like the iPhone 6, 5, and 4 on Unify access points like the Dream Machine, make sure you turn off WPA3 options. My testing is enabling this will prevent these devices from authenticating. Even if you set it to transition mode. There’s an Apple document that has […]

To troubleshoot ftp connections, here’s a set of parameters you should have. If you don’t have all of these, you’re unlikely to get it to work: 1 IP Address (or hostname) of your ftp server 2 IP Address of your router and network mask of your network 3 IP Address of your camera 4 account […]

To shoot video at 6K RAW or 4K 100fps on the EOS R3 you’ll need a CFExpress card that can write 400 Mbytes per second at a sustained rate. There are a few cards out there than can do it, but the best value as at this post in July 2022 is the Angelbird AV […]

December 2021 saw the release of pro-level mirrorless cameras from Nikon and Canon. Both have autofocus technology that feature subject detection, specifically face and eye detection. This is the most significant autofocus advance over the DSLR era where autofocus was achieved via a sub-system rather than being off the sensor in the mirrorless bodies. While […]

The EOS R3 has an autofocus system that’s different to the R5 and R6. It also allows you to customize buttons to activate autofocus features. The most common customization is commonly called back-button focus. This allows the photographer to separate the release of the shutter from the activating the autofocus. The thinking behind this is […]

There’s no point getting one of the new MacBook Pro with the Liquid Retina XDR (MiniLED) Displays if it’s not calibrated accurately. The good news is that out of the box, these displays are very accurate. The default profile is the P3 gamut capable of displaying HDR content to 1600 nits (brightness). For my photography […]