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Photo equipment

UPDATE: Finally got this working – it was down to a setting in CrushFTP that was banning the static IP. I have no idea why the IP was banned but removing this config setting cleared everything up. UPDATE2: I’ve also ditched CrushFTP and am using the built in Mac OSX SFTP server. Full details on […]

It’s claimed to be the “WORLD’S FASTEST 13′ MACBOOK PRO”. Even if it’s not, it looks great and it’ll be blazing fast:

Arrived in the nick of time for shooting the F1 Grand Prix in this weekend. Stay tuned for sample images. The NPS wrapping was a nice touch as was having your name on the box! Another nice surprise was Nikon putting in a 16GB XQD card and reader. Here’s a plug for the good folks […]

For over a year now I’ve been wondering what shooting sport would be like with the D3x and the 24 megapixels it offers – twice the number of pixels of the D3 and the D3s. There are just times when you need more reach from a 400mm. If I had more pixels, then I don’t […]

So I’ve had the Luma Loop strap for about a month now. I’ve barely used it but I’ve already found two problems that cause me concern about the design and materials. On the first day out with the strap I was shooting the world superbikes and had the strap attached to my Nikon D3 and […]

One of my Nikon bodies had a auto focus problem at the World Superbike event. So I dropped it into Nikon’s Melbourne office and it’s now come back all fixed and polished. Just one of the fabulous service that Nikon provides its customers. NPS is the name of a free support program that you can […]

Rob from NPS told me this tip. If you connect your camera to the Nikon Transfer (Windows and Mac) software there’s a simple 1-click way to sync the clock on your camera bodies. If you’re shooting with multiple bodies you’ll know how important this is for post processing! Here’s a screenshot of the magic button. […]

Shot some matches with this lens today. This shot of Alicia Molik was taken from the concourse of Rod Laver Arena in her round 2 match of the 2011 Australian Open. I officially heart this lens. It’s AF is as fast as the 400mm and when a shallow depth of field isn’t super critical then […]

The Canon D60 was my first DSLR. In 2002 it was USD$2,000 for the body. In 2010, the Canon EOS 550D is USD$799. Key stats: 6MP versus 18MP. So it was more than twice as expensive and had 1/3rd the number of pixels. How far we’ve come. I had a play with a 550D tonight, […]

Just finished using Shuttersnitch at a party and went to copy the files off two Eye-Fi cards. I tried to use a high speed Lexar reader and found an error which I’ve posted on the Eye-Fi forums. I’ve discovered an interesting issue. It seems you MUST use the Eye-Fi supplied card reader to copy files […]

I use Lightroom and Photo Mechanic as my primary photo processing tools. If I’m editing in the field everything happens on my Macbook Pro laptop. But if I’m editing at home I will use a Mac Pro 8-core Nehalem with a main disk and two backups. I recently reconfigured the disks to get more space […]

I got intrigued by Rob Galbraith’s post on Wireless photography with an iPad and ShutterSnitch so I got the bits referred to in his article and am trying to replicate it. Aluratek modem and Eye-Fi cards from Adorama. All good so far…

I’ve been using the Gitzo GM5540 monopod for a couple of years and it’s a beast. It’s the beefiest monopod Gitzo make and while its carbon fibre it may a well be steel. I’ve got a couple of trips coming up where I need to take a monopod and I’ve been looking at something lighter […]

This lens arrived 2 days before my London trip and I took it away with me coupled to a D700. It was my only lens and it was a perfect travel lens. All these photos are shot with it which shows you how versatile it is.

As with most photographers I get asked for my camera recommendations. So based on all the recent reviews and my personal experience here are the two types of cameras I would buy: 1. For no compromise photos, the Nikon D700 or D3s. The D700 if you don’t do sport and the D3s if you do. […]

I got another roller bag to put my gear in. It’s a ThinkTank Airport Security v2. It’s my second ThinkTank roller bag – I’ve had the smaller Airport AirStream for over two years and it’s been around the world a few times with me. Kim needed a rolling bag so she’s using that now. Here’s […]

The Lecia S2 – hands on preview by Steve Huff. I wonder if I can shoot sports with it?!: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSwDfbV-G7M&w=500]

This is the second time recently that I’ve had problems with my D3s and a 400mm acquiring focus in high contrast lighting (very bright sunshine) in hot weather (above 30 degrees C). This only occurs in this lighting, no AF problems in other conditions. This is similar conditions Rob Galbraith identified with the Canon 1D […]

Valid for 12 months 🙂

Santa brought Kim a LitePanel MicroPro. It’s a low energy LED continuous light source. Very cool (literally). Write up soon.

Not sure why, but the latest FlipShare v5.05 software isn’t available outside the US. But here’s the download link or click the image to start the download.

The Nikon D3S now has 5 settings for Active D-Lighting. Low, Normal, High, Extra high and Auto. This image compares D-Lighting setting Off and thew new Auto setting. The extra detail in the blown highlight area is obvious. I usually turn this off when shooting sport as it tends to bog down the capture speed. […]

Looks like Nikon Australia is giving local buyers a nice surprise bonus! There’s a 4GB Lexar card in the box, and looks like there’s a new style warranty card – different from the usual 3 part card. Everything else looks the same as the US bodies, and disappointingly they’re not bundling Capture NX.

Looking for a new home for my 2yr old Nikon D3