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Recent shoots

I’m covering the Open for Cal Sport again this year. Here’s a selection of photos from the first week of the 2014 Australian Open. Most of these were shot with the Canon 200-400mm, a terrific one-lens solution for sports, and some with the 600mm on a Canon 1D X body.

Here are some selected photos from the A-League and W-League in 2013. More to come in 2014.

As the professional season starts, the winter semi-pro season ends. Here are some photos of a tense women’s final where the winners kicked the winner in the 94th minute, 30 seconds before the final whistle. You can guess which team won.

The Australian professional soccer league – A-League – starts. Unfortunately the season in Melbourne started with a nil-all draw. But here are some pics that are more behind the scenes than peak action:

I don’t usually do Entertainment shoots but since this one is related to Formula 1 I shot this one today. Here are three images. The first photo is shot with Canon’s magical 85mm f1.2 – it’s got a very distinctive “look” when shot at fast apertures.

With pro-DSLR shooting more than 10 frames per second it’s always puzzled me that we don’t see more sequences. So here’s 3 from the past W-League soccer season. The pictures speak for themselves!

In the days of film you can use multiple exposures to get an effect like this. In the digital era you can use Photoshop.

Shot the British and Irish Lions v the Australian Wallabies last week. Record crowd and intense atmosphere led to some pretty strong images. More images here.

After shooting the Australian Socceroos team in Melbourne after their emphatic win over Jordan and Lucas Neill scoring his first goal after 91 caps for Australia, one can only feel that this will probably be the last time Melburnians will see some of the stars that have given so much to Australia. I think these […]

Here are my selects from the last day of competition.

Photos of the baristas on semifinal day:

This year’s ironman started an hour or so later than 2012 which meant there was better light to capture the start. More pics here.

A selection of my images from the F1. More here.

Selected images from the Australian Barista Championship. Getting interesting images from a 10-15 minute routine is challenging, and it’s non-stop for 3-4 hours. Not as easy as it looks – definitely in the category of “sports” photography! More here.

At last, a soccer match that’s not in the mid afternoon sun. Here are some photos from Round 24 at AAMI Park

It’s that time of the year again and I’m covering the Australian Grand Prix for the third time. Day One sees no F1 cars on the track but there’s a bit of behind the scenes preparation including the driver portraits. Here are some behind the scenes. You can see the images here and on Corbis.

Shot yesterday’s A-League match with the 1D C (which is apparently a 1D X with video) and a 400mm. Very happy with the result. Images are different to the Nikon D4 – the JPEGs don’t have as much detail or latitude to tweak as the D4 but the RAW files seem to have more dynamic […]

I didn’t realise there was so much interest in the Canon 200-400mm f4 lens as Nikon has had one for years and it’s already in its second generation. I borrowed the lens from CPS (Canon Professional Services) when I was shooting the Australian Open two weeks ago and can confirm Joshua Holko’s review from his […]

I shot my third Australian Open for Cal Sport Media. Images are here. My images also wound up on their partners’ sites: Associated Press AP, Belga News Agency, ZUMApress, Newscom, Newspix, and Sipa Press. Looking forward to 2014.

The Canon 1D X can shoot at 12 frames per second (fps) and the Nikon D4 at 10 fps with complete auto focus. They can both shoot a bit faster with no auto focus after the first frame but that’s not much use in most sports situations. At the Australian Open last week I shot […]

And finally: Day 14 Day 13 Day 12

Shooting my third Australian Open. Here are some highlights and a recap of the first eleven days. Enjoy! Day 11 Day 10 Day 9 Day 8 Day 7 Day 6 Day 5 Day 4 Day 3 Day 2 Day 1

I missed shooting this event in 2012 but am back for this year. It’s a lovely warm up tournament for the players and the photographers. Here’s a link to all the images.

Last month I shot the Melbourne Victory women’s team over 3 sessions. You can check them out here: And here’s a behind the scenes setup shot of the 3-lights setup in a small changing room at their training ground: