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The new v2.x firmware (this wasn’t introduced in the recent v2 update, it’s always been available) 1D X has an ability to save and recall a shooting mode for the AF-ON or AE Lock button. While this may not be instantly obvious for how it can be used, for sports photographers this is incredibly useful when […]

What a mouthful. This post is about how to connect cameras wirelessly to an iPad so images can be edited and captioned, and uploaded live to services on the Internet live during an event. For most agency and wire service photographers, the typical setup is to ingest images from their cameras’ memory cards via a […]

Here’s a TV screen grab of where my photos on Day 5 were taken from. It’s a stairwell that was blocked off and not used for the event. That’s yours truly highlighted below. There was another photographer and I in there for the evening session:

When I get into a new country, I have a routine for getting connected onto the local mobile network and the Internet. So here’s my routine for the US: – Find an AT&T store. You can go to a dealer, but I find the AT&T stores are the most knowledgeable. Ask for a GoPhone Pay […]

Accredited media had access to a car park opposite the media centre. But getting there is a journey in itself! Even if you live in the same city, it’s amazing what they’ve done to the place as the saying goes. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-MuWmA-lCs]

For sports photographers, after you’ve mastered getting a sharp image, the next challenge is composing your shot. After deciding what you want your subject to be doing you’ll need to get yourself into a position where you can get the shot with a clean background. Picture editors and publications don’t want cluttered backgrounds so you’ll […]