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Seeing how the 7D performs under stadium lighting. Here’s a sample image at ISO 5000 and then processed via Lightroom. The top image shows the full frame and the second image is the crop and the third image is a 100% view. It’s not as clean as a 1DX but it’s certainly acceptable. I also […]

Just a quick test of the Canon 7D Mk II’s dynamic range showing the shadow detail when there’s a pure white element in the image. The first image is the overall scene and the next two are 100% crops of leaves with water drops from the rain. The shadow detail is looking OK. (Raw file. […]

The Mac OSX Time Machine backup software allows you to encrypt the disk or disk partition that it uses to backup a Mac with Filevault 2. Encrypting a backup is designed to protect the contents so that only a person with the password to unencrypt the disk can restore its contents. However, time machine will […]

Building a new Windows Media Center box with a Gigabyte Brix Pro GB-BXi5-4570R with external storage on a WD My Book. The config is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, 4GB RAM, and a 60GB Kingston V300 SSD as the boot device. Had to give up – with the WD disk attached, the Brix wouldn’t […]

As virtually all Apple Macbook laptops now come with a non-removable SSD, a little known serious issue is there is no simple way of deleting-removing your data securely when you want to dispose of your SSD-powered Mac. When you get a new computer, the last thing you think about is getting rid of it, but […]

After shooting with the 1D for six months here are my settings for most sports. I started with Pete Read Miller’s settings and made these adjustments: ISO speed settings: I try to use 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800 as these are the “native ISO” settings. The next preference is 1/3 stop slower […]

With a 4 year old Mac Pro getting a bit long in the tooth – it has no USB 3, no Thunderbolt, no 6GB SATA bus – it was time to bite the bullet and build a Mac that’s got current technology. It’s not even bleeding edge, just current tech. The reference site I used […]

In 2007 I bought a Canon EOS-1D Mk III and I sold it 12 months later because mine had the much reported Autofocus tracking problem and swapped to Nikon with it’s D3 body. That camera and it’s subsequent updates of D3x, D3s and D4 all used a similar approach to autofocus. With the Canon EOS-1D X/C […]

In my article Getting beyond 12 frames per second I mentioned that the GoPro Hero3 Black was worth investigating to see if it’s touted ability to shoot 4K video could be a real alternative to remotely triggered cameras. So I put one to the test as a behind the goal camera at last week’s A-League […]

The current versions of Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw, and Apple Raw can’t open the raw/CR2 files from the Canon EOS-1D C. However, since these files are the same as the EOS-1D X, changing the camera model identifier in the file from C to X will allow them to be opened. If you’re a Mac […]

The Canon 1D X can shoot at 12 frames per second (fps) and the Nikon D4 at 10 fps with complete auto focus. They can both shoot a bit faster with no auto focus after the first frame but that’s not much use in most sports situations. At the Australian Open last week I shot […]

This is a Nikon V2 camera with a 70-200mm lens. Because the V2 has a small sensor the equivalent focal length is about 190-540mm. And this camera can shoot photos at 60 frames per second. Compare that to my usual D4 DSLR which shoots at 10 frames per second and you’ll see why it’s the […]

What are ACL? It’s a bit of magic that allows files to be set with certain permissions when they are created. Why’s that important? Well, it’s got to do with a Nikon D4, Lightroom, SFTP and tethered shooting. More to come, but here’s a bit about ACL: 10.4: Make a better Shared folder using ACLs […]

You can’t always shoot with a tilt-shift lens but you can now create the effect pretty convincingly with Photoshop CS6. Here are a few photos from last year with the effect applied:

UPDATE: Finally got this working – it was down to a setting in CrushFTP that was banning the static IP. I have no idea why the IP was banned but removing this config setting cleared everything up. UPDATE2: I’ve also ditched CrushFTP and am using the built in Mac OSX SFTP server. Full details on […]

Ever since I upgraded the video card to an ATI on the Windows Media Center box an error has popped up on every reboot. Something about “kdbsync.exe reporting a missing file: opencl.dll” There are lots of posts all over the net about finding it in a driver repository directory through to downloading it from various […]

My upgrade to the next generation of operating system for Macs has been uneventful, which is what you want to hear for major software upgrades. All of my major photo and general software is working without a hitch: Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS6, Office 2011, Twitter clients, Filemaker, and Moneydance. The only exception is Hotspot Shield, […]

Arrived in the nick of time for shooting the F1 Grand Prix in this weekend. Stay tuned for sample images. The NPS wrapping was a nice touch as was having your name on the box! Another nice surprise was Nikon putting in a 16GB XQD card and reader. Here’s a plug for the good folks […]

UPDATE: According to Dymo’s web site, version 8.4 now supports the Dymo 330 again! Dymo’s latest software for the Mac is version 8.3.1 and it doesn’t support the LabelWriter 330. Don’t despair if you have one of these printers as the previous version 8.3.0 is working fine for me. You can download it here.

It was finally time to upgrade my Macbook with a Solid State Drive before doing the operating system upgrade to Lion 10.7. The OWC 6G SSD is a proven disk, unlike a couple of others I’ve had problems with in the past year. Fingers crossed it will be reliable.

Bletchley Park is a the museum for encryption, secret codes and computer geeks. This is where digital computers began with Alan Turing’s ingenuity and a team of other uber geeks. They cracked the codes that allowed the Brits to shorten and win the war against the Germans. Click on the pics for more info. A […]

22 October. Had to get a local prepaid SIM card while in Venice. All the research suggested TIM, the Telecom Italia mobile carrier. But the letting agent’s Andrea suggested we look at Vodafone as he said they had the better coverage. So next day I went to the Vodafone store next to the Rialto vaporetto […]

Since upgrading to ios5 on my iPhone 4 my iPhone’s battery goes from 100% to 85% in 6-7 hours overnight. This is pretty bad as its not really doing anything. So I’ve tried to figure out why this is happening and I think I’ve killed the battery eating monster in my iPhone4: Turn off all […]

Now that we’re in a new country it’s time to do the choose a mobile carrier shuffle again. And the lucky winner for 4 new prepaid customers is… GiffGaff. 3 UK’s All in one plans came very close but we’re going to give this MVNO that operates on the O2 network a go for a […]